PixFx is an industry leader in the financial sector that has fully embraced the principles of corporate governance. By combining the most educated and intense team in the financial markets with high-level client monitoring and technological opportunities.

Why Us?

PixFx consists of large teams of well-trained specialists. The company, which has high-level technology and a very strong structure, adopts a financial approach to customer satisfaction. It is honored to provide fast and secure services to all investors.

Invest with the best stock market experience With our app and web platform (our home broker), you can invest in both variable and fixed income. Manage your investments from anywhere, track your assets' fluctuations day by day, all without brokerage fees.
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Easily and securely enter the world's largest trading market in just a few minutes. Start investing!



Whether you're new to the market or experienced, it doesn't matter. Each individual has their own unique financial structure and goals. PixFx views personalized strategies as the key to success for investors.


There are hundreds of assets in the Forex market, each with its own characteristics and trading hours. Knowing the factors that may cause a possible rise or fall in an asset is crucial for profit. The expert PixFx team is available 24/7 to assist you in identifying and managing the right assets for you


The world of finance is a diverse and highly sophisticated market. The more knowledge you gain, the quicker you'll achieve success. PixFx provides you with entry-level and intermediate forex training with the support of expert trainers. All you need to do is get in touch with live support.


Who said you can't earn without taking risks? With a free demo account, you can trade on real-time data and test yourself before entering this challenging market. When you create a demo account, $10,000 in virtual money is credited to your account. With this virtual currency, you can buy or sell any asset, and the unique insights gained will be beneficial when you open a real account


PixFx has maintained its leading position in the international financial market for the past 10 years. PixFx employees are experts in crafting the right strategy. With the right strategy, any financial scenario can quickly turn profitable. PixFx's greatest success is earning the trust of its investors. With its strong financial and corporate structure, it has been setting industry standards for years as an exemplary brokerage firm.


Easily and securely enter the world's largest trading market in just a few minutes.

Our Advantages

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    You can benefit from the free training sets prepared by specialized trainers and then take a professional step into the investment market.

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    We have an estimated success rate of 85%, and you can achieve this success as well, given that we offer free access to market analysis made by our best and most experienced specialists.

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    PixFx, as the fastest investment institution in the industry, offers the opportunity to create withdrawal requests 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

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    Thanks to the account types specially prepared for each individual investor, you can trade fully according to your budget and strategy.

Any questions?
Simply access the registration form and fill in the requested information. The process is completely online, quick, and 100% free!
You can start investing in just three steps:
1.First, register by visiting registration.PixFx.com and filling in the indicated data.
2. Then complete your investor profile and discover the investments that best suit you.
3. All set. Now just make an initial deposit into your PixFx account and start investing.
You can download the PixFx app from the App Store or Google Play, then log in with your account and password. Alternatively, you can also use the PixFx Home Broker via desktop by accessing Login
After transferring money to your PixFx account, you can start investing through both the App and the Home Broker on your computer. Simply log in with your username and password, and you'll be in the trading pit environment where you can choose the best investments for you.
After creating your account, you need to make an initial deposit into your PixFx account. To do this, simply make a TED transfer from your bank account to your PixFx account. Once the money is in your PixFx account, you can choose the stock you want to buy and execute the order.
Demonstrating our commitment to offering the best cost-benefit ratio to clients, PixFx offers zero brokerage fees on all products, as well as zero custody fees. It's important for you to know that there are mandatory exchange fees that are applied to some products.